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Sistahs4Life's mission is to promote healthy living through line dance and exercise.
Get Healthy. Get Active. Get Fit!
Affordable classes every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Developed to benefit beginners through advanced participants.
Get in shape "The Natutal Way."
6,000 steps. Gone in 60 minutes.


Sistahs4Life's soulful line dance program has been based in Portland, Oregon since 2013 and is growing by the day. As a non-profit organization focused on Community, Health and Wellness, we've supported several charities, organizations, events and local businesses such as the:

Our comprehensive line dance program was developed to benefit beginners through advanced participants. Each instructor attends training camps to maintain the integrity of our program. Giving back to our community is what drives us. Each year we creat several fundraising events encouraging participates to donate to a worthy cause.

Line dancing is a "natural" path to healthy living.
Get Active! Get Healthy! Get Fit!