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Sistahs4Life's mission is to promote healthy living through line dance and exercise; founded by Charletta Dizer-Malone, Kimberly Turner-Williamson and Selena Mitchell in 2013.


Charletta Malone

Ms. Charletta Malone

Founder- Instructor

 Kimberly Williamson

Ms. Kimberly Williamson

Founder- Instructor

Selena Mitchell

Ms. Selena Mitchell

Founder- Instructor

Daria Bradford

Ms. Daria Bradford

"Line Dance Mother"

Danielle Bradford

Ms. Danielle Bradford


"We began line dancing at our local Elks Club on Friday Nights in 2011. We found we enjoyed Line Dance so much that as a group, we begin to research the benefits of line dancing."

From such humble beginnings these three "soul sisters" decided to create an exercise program to teach healthy living through soulful line dancing as a form of exercise.

They held their first line dance boot camp on Saturday, June 1st, 2013. Spurred on by a huge success and supported by wonderful feedback from participants, they resolved to create a weekly exercise program. Beginning in 2014, with a partnership with Home Forward of Portland, they provided quarterly wellness classes at their Humboldt Garden Facility as well as a partnership with NW Tower to provide line dance workouts once a week at their facility.

Sistahs4Life is also responsible for the creation of several memorable line dances some of which you may already be farmiliar with, such as: S4L My Heart Is Yernin, In Love, PDX Stepping Out, Uptown Funk, King Shuffle, Werk and 50.

"We are very thankful to God for Blessing us to come together to provide not just an exercise program but a way to help others to keep moving and active. Remember, Dance Like No One is Watching!”

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