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Sistahs4Life's mission is to promote healthy living through line dance and exercise.

The organization helps to lay a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle, a positive attitude toward overall wellbeing and establish life-long patterns of fitness and good eating habits.

Further, every participant is provided with opportunities to participte in a variety of events and activities to give back to their respective communities. In addition, the organization works to empower parents and families to set a healthy example for children.


Felicia Murphy Phillips

Ms. Felicia Murphy-Phillips

Chief Executive Officer

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Charletta Malone

Ms. Charletta Malone

President- Instructor

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 Kimberly Williamson

Ms. Kimberly Williamson

Director- Instructor

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Selena Mitchell

Ms. Selena Mitchell

Treasurer- Instructor

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jeanetta polk

Jeanetta Polk


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valerie williams goss

Valerie Williams-Goss

Board Member

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cydney williamson

Miss. Cydney Willamson


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danielle bradford

Miss. Danielle Bradford


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